Wind chill!

February 14, 2016

wp_ss_20160214_0002.pngJust had the coldest night here in Boston. Thick comforter did not help much, so I had to wear turtle neck sweater to sleep. As the weather forecast said, this was a life threatening chill!  I had to stay indoor and avoid outdoor activity.



October 24, 2015

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog about Last Exile music. Now’s the right time to write what I’ve been doing until now. Well to recap, yes I currently live in Boston. Unbelievable right, time move so fast that I even can’t pause to just relax and enjoy the life.


So the first thing that I would tell you all that Boston is a great city! It has many old buildings and art decos that represent New England. You can see that it’s a big city: people everywhere, traffic, buildings, and lastly, students. Yes, if you go to Commonwealth Avenue, you’ll see many Boston University’s students commuting from one building to another. Anyway, I got accepted as MS-MBA student (it’s a degree with MBA and a degree with MS in Information System) in Boston University Questrom School of Business. I love that my friends are all experienced professionals, some of them are executives, analyst, reporters, and even military profesionals. Study is hard though, because I have to take MOD system, which is basically cramming two semesters into one. However I’m happy to be part of this great school!

Another thing is that I got my first ulcer in here. It was bad, I could not even walk from my room. This symptoms started when I had a late lunch because of final exam. Suddenly my stomach felt hurt but still acceptable. Things got worse since then, so I had to go to student health service and got a medicine. I couldn’t count how many times I woke up in the night just because my stomach felt hurt. But things got better after I drank the medicine and kept eating snacks every hour. The lessons learned are: no spicy food anymore, and keep eating even though you don’t feel hungry.

That’s all folks, I’m sure the next months will be interesting since winter is coming and I’m going together again with my wife (She’ll come to Boston!).


Superb BGM song from Last Exile – Fam, The Silver Wing!

April 18, 2015


Okay, so I’ve just heard something amazing yet memorable BackGround Music (BGM) on the eps 8 of Last Exile – Fam The Silverwing. This music was really catchy and fit with the war scene very well.

As far as I could remember, I’ve heard this music when I was in college, maybe around 2006 – yeah 9 years ago!-the time when Last Exile was out. Things got interesting when I found out that this piece, the one from Last Exile – Fam The Silverwing, were the sum of two soundtracks from Last Exile!

So here’s the OSTs from Last Exile:

And this is the BGM song that I talked about:



I saw interstellar and I cried

December 15, 2014

Thursday evening on November 6, in Auro11.1 enabled cinema, me and my wife experienced an amazing story of Cooper and his daughter, the humanity, and love that transcends space and time. Aside from it’s special effects, debatable physics, superb scores, and perfect scripts, Interstellar was a monumental movie and I recommend you all to watch and experience this beautiful story.

I was not prepared for the powerful emotion on this movie. The emotional impact alone was like nothing I have experienced before. There were various points that made me emotional and had my wife staring at me going “what’s wrong with you?”. The scene when Cooper leaves and checks the blankets for Murph and drives away with tears in his eyes, with the background score of Hans Zimmer and the voice of space shuttle launching countdown, made me lost my shit and broke down in tears. And that’s only first..

Not to mention this:

  1. When Cooper is watching 23 years worth of messages left by his kids.
  2. When Amelia gives her speech about love being a universal constant and why she choose Edmund’s planet rather than Mann’s despite of her illogical basics.
  3. When Cooper is in the tesseract and trying so hard to communicate with her daughter.
  4. When Cooper is finally reunited with Murph on her deathbed, she encourages him to find Amelia instead of staying, stating that no parent should watch their child die.

The whole movie was an emotional roller coaster. Really made me cry and barely able to stand up when the film ended.

One tip on taking ablutions

March 11, 2014

Basically, I got this tip because my boarding house doesn’t provide water tap in the toilet.

Therefore, let’s go to the point. If you don’t have a water tap in your bathroom, you can use the toilet sink to take ablutions to your upper body.


And water spray to your feet. You don’t have to lift your feet into the toilet sink hehe


*just my two cents, CMIIW ya..

That big taxi company expands its business!

March 2, 2014


Disclaimer: this post is intended to be funny and in no way being negative toward the driver or Bl*e Bird 🙂

Some tips to listen Disney’s Frozen OSTs

January 26, 2014


I couldn’t agree more when someone said that Frozen has many good soundtracks 🙂 When I was watching it, there were more than one memorable songs that I could remember. Starting from both of Anna and Ella’s wanting to build a snowman, Ella’s first time in forever of her coronation day, Hans and Anna’s love at first sight, and the let it go version of Ella.. In fact, there were four songs that I was able to memorize the lyrics, not all of them, but at least I could remember the reffs 😀

Here are those titles:

  1. Do You Want to Build a Snowman
  2. For the First Time in Forever
  3. Love Is an Open Door
  4. Let It Go

And here’s some tips to listen to them:

For the Do You Want to Build a Snowman, imagine that you are back into your 5-6 years old time, you were full of energy, playing and running everywhere. And then you made your sister angry, and you kept trying to apologize to her. But she still insist to not forgiving you. Feel those regret feeling when Anna said “Okay bye..”. Yeah it’s a sad song actually..

When you listening to Let It Go, I would recommend you to remember something in your past that is still bothering you until now. And, while the song is playing, try to let that trouble go, magically, you will feel refreshed when the song’s end.

As for Love Is an Open Door, it would be best if you do a duet with your special someone 😉 The jingle, the dance, coupled with those “jinx, jinx again!” would make a great time for you both. Oh did I forgot to mention that you can propose her with this song? Do it 😀

However, in my opinion, the best song from all of them is For the First Time in Forever. I bet you will agree with me. You could flash back to any memories at when you had such a great time, you’re still shy but you wanted to show that feelings to anyone. It could be romance, gratitude, or even your success in doing something. This song feels so energetic yet lovely and, you know, Disney’s classic is back with this song!